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2013 WPA Earthdog Test Photos


2013 was a great year for Earthdogs and the 2013 WPA Earthdog Test was held in August.


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Seeing Spotz Photography professional photos taken at the 2013 WPEC Earthdog tests.


The Western Pennsylvania Earthdog Club would like to extend

A Big Congratulations and a Special Belly Rub to all of the Earthdogs who earned ribbons and titles in 2013.




Longtime WPEC member, Cookie provided the video clips for the following 2013 show:

An Earthdog Meets the Rat !



Video: What is an Earthdog ?



July 2011 Earthdog Club Practice Photos

(Click on each thumbnail photo to see a larger view)




Photos from the May 2011  WPA Earthdog Training Program

(Click on each thumbnail photo to see a larger view)



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